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We do participate the fun of the city.



10月初,一介以“纸‘作为空间载体,携数位艺术家书籍作品参加了东京艺术书展“THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR"。


We attend the TABF in the early October ,with our self-published  books.

一介 x 岳璇​ | 音乐分享会《Journey》


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一介 x 蚂蚁子​ | 俄罗斯刺绣


The accumulation of time is unstoppable, the spread of life is everywhere, and the ant crocheting technique gives this invisible process an unpredictable but visible space.

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一介 x 程璧​ | Live Together 音乐会

After the tour of Jincheng Art Palace on June 10th, Cheng Bi will meet with you at 2 pm on June 11th to share her ideas on music, poetry, design and beauty.





Aesthetic Market

We brought fun and interesting menu cards made by our customers to Aesthetic Market hosted by Co-sense on May.28th

夏季书交换-----二手二故事 x 一介





Second hand second story came to Yiiie for SWAP. Book lovers share the ones they’ve loved and find a new one to indulge in this summer.

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一介 x Gil Kreslavsky​ | Travel Photography Workshop

Gil Kreslavsky是国家地理签约摄影师,曾游历过不下40个国家和地区。作品曾多次被国家地理用为封面作为宣传推广。本月24日,Gil 将会在一介开展关于旅行摄影的工作坊。

Gil Kreslavsky is a National Geographic signing photographer who has traveled to more than 40 countries and regions. The work has been used by the National Geographic as a cover for promotion. On the 24th of this month, Gil will be working on a workshop on travel photography.

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一介 x ttg | ttg的限量一夜

ttg 是新一代住宿运营服务商,也是旅宿文化探索者。ttg 从 2014 年起开始尝试城市青年住宿空间项目,直营及代运营的青年旅舍/精品民宿/客栈酒店等主要集中于北京,成都、苏州、重庆等地也已实现落地。



Ttg is a new generation of accommodation operators and explorers of travel culture. Ttg has been trying out the urban youth accommodation space project since 2014. The youth hostels/boutiques/pubs and hotels that are directly operated and operated are mainly concentrated in Beijing, and Chengdu, Suzhou and Chongqing have also been implemented.

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