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Housework Theatre 家务剧场 | Nini Zhou

家务剧场 Housework Theatre



家,作为我们的自治区,实际上限制了我们行为的想象 力。通过既定的城市家庭空间结构,我们形成了惯例,并开始忽略这些微不足道的美好,厌倦已有的生活,想要逃到其他地方。而我们所在的空间是由我们自身行为定义的。


我想要通过一系列我对做家务的即兴创作,以不同的文化作为滤镜,设计作为一种生活态度,重新创造出家庭空间、 物品和我们之间的关系。让大家看到这些琐碎事之中的美, 并像观众一样欣赏到我们在日常之中作为表演者能创造出的故事。

We are restricted by a comfortable and heedless way of living. We don’t see ourselves as performers, even we put on an act in everyday life. We take everyday life for granted, and want to escape to another place.

Design and performance culture are used as research tools and filters to generate new relationships between domestic space and our movements. Through the use of our bodies in domestic rituals, such as doing housework, there are possibilities for escape, if you observe carefully. That is, to understand and act on the given, and recreate own narratives from the given.

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