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ShipWreck-Balázs Turós












我们唯一的交通工具是自行车,车还是我生拉硬拽从朋友那儿顺过来的,加上扛着各种器材,经常还没骑到目的地我就累了。Bálazs有种能力让我那可怜儿脾气无处释放 ­—— 每次到达有沉船的目的地都会让我感到大脑突然被来了一针肾上腺素而引发视觉高潮了。




片子剪完后我邀请Bálazs吃了全大不列颠最正宗的川菜 —— 好娃私房菜,我基本把能做的菜都做了一通,甚至拿出了我舍不得吃的常年存货香肠腊肉。结果他最喜欢的是一盘干煸土豆丝,这没出息的。





The Last of You
There was a song, a song that I instantly would like to make a video for just to present its inner beauty when I heard it, and this is it.
My friend, Thom, who is a solo artist and music composer based in Brighton. One day, he post a link of his latest work on Facebook, The Last Of You, I opened the link and pressed play. When I heard the first tune, I was stunned. It’s been a long time that I haven't felt so attached to a piece of music. It makes me sad somehow, or I shall put it, bittersweet. I called Thom right away and said, ‘Can I make a music video for The Last of You? I loved it a lot and I think it deserves a better image to be presented for more audience.’ He was so happy and said yes.
I was lucky. It was only about 2 weeks before I need to pack and go back to China when I met the song.
All the scenes were shot in Plymouth, where I lived for over three years and I’d rather call it my second home. I love everything there and it just so hard when I leave this tremendously beautiful city soon. I hate goodbyes, especially when you have no idea about when you’re going to see each other again. ‘I’m going to make a Plymouth video’ -- That’s probably the best and only way I could come up with at that moment to appreciate this place as well as a gift for Thom and myself.
It was absolutely enjoyable while I was making it. The whole video was done within 24 hours, but I’ve got something to enshrine for the rest of my life. Thom loved it a lot and I couldn’t be any happier than that. Money couldn’t afford such happiness as well as any other material things, I’m glad I’ve done it.
Several weeks ago, Thom’s mom fell asleep forever. I felt lame as there’s nothing really I could do to reduce any pain of him. I played the song again. It sounds bitterer, less sweet.
When your heart is on fire, you must realize smock gets in your eyes. What need is there to weep over parts of life? The whole of it calls for tears.
May the happiness be with him.

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