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Community Art Project



The Community Art Project is an experimental art project focusing on community development. It is an adventure involving young artists, designers, local residents and various social forces, which aims to rediscover the charm of the block and local culture that are not on the map.


On the one hand, we take art as the entry point to stimulate the vitality of the community. On the other hand, we use the bike shed as the testing ground to attract the attention and participation of more young people. 


Ain’t on the map

2019年的「社区艺术计划」以“不在地图上 Ain’t on the map”为主题,在玉林东路社区开启了六大板块的探险。


The theme of the Community Art Project is "Ain't on the map". When we start to know an unfamiliar place, the information such as geography, streets and buildings are always marked on the map. However, the immaterial information such as human activities, folk culture and daily life are not marked, which represents our colorful life. We hope the project can inspire more people to rethink the everyday things we take for granted in an artistic way, and discover the infinite possibilities that are not on the map.

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